OldSchool Protection  - Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry & Personal Protection in Home
Stand up for your 2nd Amendment freedoms

Our Mission Statement
OldSchool Protection is a family operated Firearms instruction business dedicated to helping others Exercise their right to protect themselves and their families. 
Our mission is to instruct others in the proper safety, techniques & care of firearms. We help others become more prepared and have the knowledge of NC Firearms Laws.
Core Values:
We have Conservative values and Support our Constitution & Bill of Rights. We will instruct fellow patriots who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights and believe the need to have proper training to defend themselves and others if the need should arise.

We understand that this is a big decision for you to decide to get firearms training.

OldSchool Protection is a Family Business we are NRA & USCCA Certified Instructors & NRA Range Safety Officers. Scott has a Military background and has been handling firearms for over 40 years. Together we look forward to working with each individual to assure they are property trained and understand handgun fundamentals. We take this very serious and love to be involved with like-minded people. Our goal is for you to leave our classes being educated and having confidence to carry & shoot your handgun.

With that being said we offer a variety of classes but training and practice is up to you.  We can only show you so much in an 8 hours class. Its up to you to seek additional training (hopefully through us) to manage the skills you learn and develop the muscle memory needed to properly handle a firearm.

 we do give
 ** Military and First Responder discounts for CCH**
 we do have a
**Ladys Shooting group** (Women only to shoot)
The Well Armed Woman Eastern NC group
See Ladies register tab to submit for more info

monthly practice
**For Monthly practice we also do the NRA marksmanship qualification program, see that tab to register and for more info.

We also teach Range Safety officers, Home Firearm safety, basic pistol, shotgun & rifle, personal protection in the home, reloading & refuse to be a victim.  

Always Be Aware, Be Safe and Be prepared.
We hope to hear from you!
 Call or Email us at : oldschoolprotection@gmail.com 
919-889-6184 or 919-987-6633 for questions.  
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