Stand up for your 2nd Amendment freedoms!!
Classes we teach: 
Intro to Handguns, Concealed Carry, Personal Protection in and outside the Home and Metallic reloading .
Mission Statement
OldSchool Protection is a family operated and oriented Firearms instruction business dedicated to helping others Exercise their 2nd amendment rights.
Our mission is to instruct others in the proper safety, techniques & care of firearms. While helping others become more prepared and have the knowledge of NC Firearms Laws that's needed.
Core Value:
We are Christians. We have Conservative values and Support our Constitution & Bill of Rights. We will instruct fellow patriots who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights and believe the need to have proper training to defend themselves and others if the need should arise.
Weappreciate our military and all our first responders!
They give up their lives, their family time andare there when we need them!
For military and first responders we give a discount do our rate forconcealed carry is $45.00 as a way to say
 Thankyou for your service!
(discount isfor military veterans as well)
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Personal Protection in The Home: May 23rd
Concealed Carry:May 9th
Reloading: May 24th 
We understand that
It’s a big decision to decideto conceal carry a handgun or even get firearms training.
 Choose a teacherthat has high standards, is qualified and will educate you.
Our goal is for you to leave our class being educated and havingconfidence to carry & shoot your handgun. 
If this sounds like the kind of classfor you please give us a call or email. 
Always Be Aware, Be Safe and Be prepared.
We hope to hear from you!
Call or Email us at : oldschoolprotection@gmail.com 919-889-6184 for questions.  
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