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Been a while...

Hello Folks,
                        It's been a while since we have updated. Our bad, but we have so much going on. Lets try and catch up on all that has gone on...
  • Held a smaller work day and built a second shooting bay.
  • Had the good folks from the JAR'S come out and set up a radio with antenna and show us how to build a small antenna ourselves.
  • Continued our normal Saturday Classes.

Meetup group

We are trying to form a new OldSchool meetup group of like minded people.  Who enjoy getting together to have BBQ and develop shooting skills.  Email us if interested in joining. oldschoolprotection@gmail.com

Ammo shortage

Just want to let everyone know that we have been able to find 22 ammo at Cabella's for a good price and in quantities.  They also seem to have a supply of 9mm still.  Walmart seems to get ammo at night but I think someone with a gun store is buying them cause we've been told someone comes in and buys almost all at one time.  Just trying to help everyone out.

Nov 17 class

What a great class on the 17th.  We met alot of great people and had fun!! Then on the 18th went to the Gun show and again had fun.  Husband talked me into 2 more guns, 2 knives, 2 shirts and alot of misc.  Well I can’t tell a lie actually I talked him into getting those items. LOL So excited because it seems our name is getting out there and we now need to add more classes.  As most of you know Scott and I don’t really do this for the $$ We love to teach and teach together and we also love to education people about the laws and help people obtain their permit cause we believe so much in our constitution and out 2nd amendment rights.  We just love meeting likeminded people and plan on remaining in contact with alot of the people we teach.  We look forward to having range time together and some BBQ's.  Please let us know if you have any questions about our classes or if you need help deciding whether to pursue getting your permit.  We are always available to help.  Thanks, Tricia 


So glad its Thursday!! Just one more day till the weekend.  Any one going out target practicing this weekend?  We are having a 15th birthday party for our youngest.  Maybe target practice with all the girls, who knows.  Hope everyone has a great day today.  Look at www.facebook.com/osprotection  for more updates.  I added some local links that may be of interest to yall. We need to support local business's.  More later...........