OldSchool Protection  - Intro to Handguns, Concealed Carry & Personal Protection in Home
 Why Choose OldSchool Protection??
 1. We are a husband and wife team (Certified Instructors & Range Safety Officers) that believe in the 2nd Amendment, believe in protecting our family and others. Our Government and Law Enforcement, while much needed, can't and won't always protect us or look out for our best interests so we need to surround ourselves with other like minded people.  
2. We are not in this just to give you a certificate.  This is a family friendly class.  We are not militant at all. We want to have classroom discussions while learning proper handgun safety and the laws of NC.  We want you to feel confident when leaving our class that you have the knowledge needed to feel confident with your Handgun or having earned your Conceal Carry certificate.  We also want you to feel you can contact us at any time for questions and concerns.  We want to stay in touch with you and network with like minded people.   
3. Our concealed carry course was submitted and was approved by the NC Justice Academy and we also use USCCA Concealed Carry material.  The first part is based a Basic pistol course, safety, what is means to conceal carry then 2-3 hours of NC laws. After laws we take a test and then head to farm to shoot.  We shoot at 3 yards, 5 yards and 7 yards. We have many class discussions with some hands on learning. We also give you a copy of the Concealed Carry handgun training red book by the NC Justice Academy, which is very important to refer to when you leave class if needed.
We offer NC Approved Concealed Carry Class, Firearms Education, Private instruction and Private Classes. 
Handgun, pistol & occasional shot gun.

OldSchool Protection classes are in Johnston County within driving distance from Raleigh, Kenly, Smithfield, Garner, Cary, Zebulon, Selma, Goldsboro, Durham, Benson, Stancil Chapel etc.....