OldSchool Protection  - Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry & Personal Protection in Home
Refuse to be a victim

$60.00 per person

This is a Situational Awareness & Personal Defense Options class. 

You will learn how to create layers of safety in your life to protect yourself and your family from today’s criminal. This personal safety class is a program of the National Rifle Association. In this seminar you will get the tools you need to develop your own personal safety strategies. You will receive the Refuse to be a Victim handbook and a certificate from the NRA. 

Since we teach Concealed Carry & Personal Protection in the Home and are certified Instructors for both the NRA, USCCA and the NC Justice academy.  We give you a lot of added tips from years of experience in teaching these kinds of classes along with the training we have received throughout the years. .

Let us know if interested.