OldSchool Protection  - Basic Pistol, Concealed Carry & Personal Protection in Home

Please make a deposit or pay for class before spot can be confirmed.

Intro to Pistol, private or Concealed Carry $75 per person or $140 couple

Basic Pistol or Basic Rifle $110 per or $200 Couple
Basic Shotgun $125 per / $210 couple

Reloading class or Personal Protection in Home $125.00

Range safety officer $100

Refuse to be a Victim $60 

**CCH Military and First responder discounts available
$60.00 for CCH only (Thank you for all you do!)

Deposit for any class or Marksmanship
Deposit - must cancel 48 hours in advance or only refundable towards another class
Price: $30.00
Enter Option Name:
CCH Class, Intro Pistol, Private
Full payment option
Price: $75.00
couples CCH Class, Intro Pistol, Private
full pay
Price: $140.00
Military discounts(thank you)
concealed carry
Price: $60.00
First Responder's (thank you)
concealed carry
Price: $60.00
Basic pistol , Basic Rifle
Price: $110.00
Couple Basic pistol/ Rifle
Price: $200.00
other classes
other classes
Price: $125.00
Refuse to be a Victim
full pay
Price: $60.00
other class Couples
full price
Price: $210.00
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NC Approved Concealed Carry Class, Firearms Education, Private instruction and Private Classes. 

Give us a call if you just cant wait to get info. 919-889-6184